…grappling with FORGIVENESS

Kevin Hotter


I took this photo early this morning in a Southern Californian mountain range. After I took the picture, I just stared into the unknown universe that peeked through the cloud cover. I kind of went into a trance, as I thought about life and all sorts of things related to our existence.

One thought that kept bouncing around my head, centered on the concept of forgiveness. I grapple with it on a daily basis.

I’m a sensitive person. But that’s not how I come off to many people. I present myself with a confidence, and aloofness that masks the sensitivity that lurks just below my skin. My sensitivity leads me to much heartache.


I take everything very personally. And things that people do (or don’t do) to me have a deep impact on my sense of well-being. But holding on that anger. That resentment. That hurt. Well…it just serves no purpose.


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