Disabled Bedroom Tax Victim Has Toes Amputated After Spending Winter In Tent

Same Difference

The thousand words behind this picture are below:

A Skelmersdale man has had all of his toes amputated as he was forced to spend winter in a tent after falling victim to the bedroom tax.

Mitchell Keenan, 32, was diagnosed with frostbite six weeks ago after his family discovered his blackened toes and rushed him to hospital.

Mitchell was living in the tent with his father Keith, 62, following their eviction from their four-bedroomed home in Birch Green last year when they fell behind with their repayments.

Keith was also diagnosed with severe health problems including malnourishment, scabies and dementia.

Dawn Doyle, 54, is Keith’s sister, who tried to find them shelter, she said: “It’s absolutely outrageous what has happened to my brother and nephew.

“They lived in their home for thirty years and got into difficulty last year.

“They had their benefits sanctioned and things just spiralled out of…

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