Life: After a Traumatic Brain Injury • Craig’s story

A Voice for Traumatic Brain Injury

People aren’t aware of brain injuries. No one thinks brain injuries will affect them or their children. A lot of brain injured people look perfectly normal. Imagine having a disability that caused you to slur your speech, made it difficult for you to learn new things, and affected your balance. Now imagine that no one knew you had this disability. That’s what it’s like for people living with a disability as the result of a brain injury. Brain injury is known as an invisible disability because there are often no outward physical signs of the disability. It’s not like falling and breaking a leg, where you see it and it heals. A brain injury can last a lifetime. There is no cure, only awareness and prevention. After that there’s only support.

For years, I felt as though no one else knew what I was going through, but believe me; Traumatic…

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