Service dogs save lives so before you unfund them ask yourself what do you do ?

Disabled Access Denied !

I know everyone thinks I have an ongoing love affair with my service dog zeus and well yes I do, But last night I asked Ella to make me an espresso and she was 10 feet away in the kitchen and that’s the last thing I remember until a while later ,in a fog I came to.

Ella tells me zeus ran to her barking then ran and jumped up on the bed and was licking my face and nudging me back to conciousness, and then turning and barking back to Ella he stayed with me until I came to.

In the past when my head was thrashing and hitting the brickwall zzeus without command crawled up and pushed his soft belly between my head and the wall.
Many people harass service dog trainers and handlers, especially republican politicians saying”it’s a dog what can it possibly do? let’s slash funding…

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