A seat with a view – perspective on being in a wheelchair.

Fred the Needle

Susanna Di Milo

One of the most profound experiences of my life was being in a wheelchair for 8 weeks.

 Before my injury, I thought wheelchair access was over the top, political correctness gone mad. I used to see all those empty disabled access parking spaces and tut as I drove round trying to find somewhere to park. Or the ramps that seemed to be here there and everywhere, costing thousands of pounds from local councils.

I imagined I was sympathetic for people in wheelchairs, I try and make room for them as they pass,  but I never gave it much more consideration.

From a sitting perspective it is quite different.

I remember the first time my daughter took me out in a wheelchair after two weeks of loneliness, it was odd to be in the world again. But I remember we laughed a lot, she nearly tipped me out of the chair when the wheels caught…

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