Do you know how special you are??


We were in the mall a little too long.  We live in the country so a trip to the city usually means everyone goes in a different direction.  We were unloading the boys for a stroll around the mall and a snack, while the teens went to a “sit-down” place, not the boys’ favorite thing.  We discovered their bag had been left at the church, so everything stopped for an emergency trip back for the all important bag, full of medicines, and equipment.  We were already unpacked so we stayed at the mall.  What we forgot was that the bag had our money…so they took off for 3 hours leaving us with lots of window shopping and no treats!

We were okay, but a little bummed.  It was the end of the visit and had found a bench near the front so we. could. go!

“HI!  Can I sit here?”

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