Hotel stays with an Autistic Kid?

MommaCow's Blog

My child is 7. It has always been a challenge to visit anybody, anywhere. Visiting a friend’s home, strangers garage sale or a shopping store and the more complicated.. overnight stay or trip.

What do people do? Especially when your Autistic child is a wanderer?

My kid will not lay down… he will not sleep in a room if a person in laying with him, he will poke at you and stuff. We once went to Florida and the closet was big enough for a child to sleep in. So with the door open and a baby gate it was a homemade child’s sleeping quarters.

A small bedroom.  And it worked for him. Not all hotels have a large open closet such as that and maybe no closet. How do we vacation? how do we let the normal kids have hotel experiences when their sibling is just… to hard?…

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