New flowers

The Journey of My Left Foot (whilst remembering my son)

Tuesday 5th May

Our first visit to your graveside this morning, and we’ve brought along a new glass vase and a big spray of colourful carnations. These flowers seem to last in all weathers, and appear quite hardy.

Very soon we will have to remove the chrysanthemums from the letters of your name. (We keep saying this, but holding on until the very last moment). They are slowly turning brown, and not looking their best. The gold, pleated ribbon around the edges still appears good, so we’ve decided to paint the insides of the letters white, and keep your name on top of your grave.

Our second visit to you, later in the afternoon, is to make sure your letters don’t blow away. (The wind has become very strong and gusty). We tether the letters with twine and tent-pegs.

So there we are my darling, you’re all nicely and tightly…

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