Police handcuff, shackle ‘combative’ 5-year-old special needs student


PHILADELPHIA — The parents of a special-needs student in Philadelphia said their 5-year-old was traumatized after police handcuffed and shackled the boy during an incident at school.

The Watertown Daily Times in New York reported that state police in Pennsylvania handcuffed the boy, took him into a patrol car and shackled his feet after they said the boy became “combative” and “out-of-control” while at Philadelphia Primary School.

The boy, named Connor, was then taken to a nearby medical center.

The Times reported police defended the troopers’ actions, saying Connor was “screaming, kicking, punching and biting” when troopers responded to the special-needs classroom.

However the boy’s parents said that school staff did not properly control the situation before calling police.

Connor’s mother, Chelsea Ruiz, said she was surprised when she arrived at the medical center to see a “big scratch” on the boy’s neck and “marks on his wrists,” the Times reported.

“An officer told…

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