this is not my fault

North Raleigh Church of Christ Ladies' Ministry

mother_daughter_fieldAs a child development major in college, I was concerned when my daughter was 12 months old and I had never heard a sound come out of her (other than cries). I worked with children that had all sorts of problems (emotional, developmental) in the mental health field. A 12 month old that never made sounds, though, this was a whole different thing. My best friend in college majored in speech pathology. I called her up one night when Rebecca Lynn was 15 months old.

“Should I be concerned?” I asked.

My pediatrician wasn’t concerned. People kept telling me, “she will talk when she is ready.” My best friend’s response was, “why not get her assessed?” So I did. At 18 months old, Rebecca Lynn started speech therapy. She was in the Early Childhood Program through Wake County. My thoughts were, a few months of speech therapy, and she will…

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