When Every Shirt Has Ballet Shoes

Little House in the City

Our weather is changing. Long sleeves are going into storage and arms are getting ready to greet the sunshine. It is time to switch over the girls’ clothes. As I make my little stacks, I notice that most of Adelaide’s 4t shirts have ballerinas, dancers, or ballet shoes plastered across the front.

ballet 1

Adelaide is 3-years-old, but long outgrew her 3t shirts. Her head is fairly large. I am looking at a pile of shirts passed down from my husband’s co-worker. Her daughter dances. And I recall some photos of their adorable 4-year-old dancing on a stage.

It’s not cliche, it’s just truth…many girls’ first dreams are filled with pirouettes and jumps. It may be for only one afternoon or a lifetime, but little girls dress up in tutus and put their hair up and walk on their tiptoes.

ballet 2

I stare at these shirts thinking, “Do I really put these on…

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