A Patient’s Tale

Journey with Parkinson's

mountain-reflections-norway-mountain-backgrounds-mountain-norway-reflections-26010“The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.”  William Osler

An Educator: I have had the privilege of being a medical school educator since 1987 (28 years).  The work includes lecturing (to a class of 180 students), small group facilitator (36 students), course management/administration, and curriculum development (our new Immunology and Hematology courses).

A Patient: An important aspect in many medical school courses is an interview/presentation of a patient, usually accompanied by the patient’s physician.  Dr. McNeil embraced the idea about me being a patient during her Neurology-related Blocks.  For the first time in my teaching career, I would be ‘the patient’. This presentation took place twice: first, in our current 2nd year medical school curriculum in the MS-2 “Brain and Behavior” course (January, 2015); and in our new 1st year medical school curriculum in the MS-1 “Neurology” block (May, 2015).

A Patient…

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