After the other disciplines..

The Embodied Brain

I have a patient who likes to sleep a lot. Sometimes he even misses smoke break >Gasp!< because he is just sleeping. The other day he was the last patient left for the PTA and the SLP. They had each gone to get him a couple times, but he just couldn’t wake up, so I said I would go get him.

I went in with my normal waking-up-a-patient approach of saying his name a coupe times, telling him it’s time for therapy, a touch on the shoulder, and he barely responded. Escalate to the next level: noxious sternal rubbing- minimal response. I had an idea that I was probably overstimulating his brain that was not only very sleepy, but still recovering from a TBI by using too many words. I had just learned about how emails get better responses if you keep them short and end with simple short direct…

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