Allodynia: My Clothes Hurt

Spoonie Sophia

I have been in a chronic pain flare up since the beginning of January – the longest and worst flare to date! The pain I have experienced in this flare has probably been the worst so far. One of the most problematic symptoms of my condition is allodynia and I want to talk about it in this post to educate non sufferers.

Allodynia is an intense neuropathic pain due to a stimulus that does not usually provoke pain. When you hurt yourself, whether it be from a burn on a hot oven or if you fall over and scrape your knee, your brain receives a pain signal. These painful sensations are interpreted by our nocireceptors (specialised nerves where pain signals originate). In patients with neuropathic pain, those receptors are being triggered incorrectly – they react to stimuli that for most people are harmless and shouldn’t cause a pain response.

There are 3 types of…

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