Brain Injury Awareness month brings out secrets

The Life of a Phoenix

Hello kids. I guess I’m running a bit behind on the blog front. I apologize. I have been resting a lot lately when I’m not at work.

We are testing out a new dose of a med. It has definitely helped the headaches but now I don’t eat or sleep much. I guess that’s a trade-off. I will take it as a good thing. I miss food and sleep but not to have headaches really, I will take it. Only downside to little sleep is the awful shaking/tremors; but I can deal with those too as long as I’m not getting Parkinsons or Alzheimers or anything.

I swear they are trying to pretty me up with the weight loss, botox and nose job (just kidding). The nose job is just to fix a deviated septum which apparently, is very common. The botox was for the headaches and the weight loss…

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