Camp to Help People With Disabilities Ride a Bike

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AMES, Iowa — Riding a bike is a skill many of us take for granted, but for kids and adults with disabilities, pedaling a standard two wheel bike on their own can take some time to learn. A camp could help.

Jumping on two feet is a fairly new skill for nine year old Amy Eyles. Mom Judi Eyles said, “Amy was born with a congenital neurologic disorder called Sturge-Weber Syndrome. Essentially she has malformations in her brain and a birthmark, and it’s caused vision issues and a seizure disorder and a lot of developmental delays.”

Amy has made tremendous progress with the help of therapy, but riding her new Hello Kitty bike on her own is a skill that’s been hard to master. “She’s almost 10 and is still working on the tricycle, so it’s hard, balance is off,” Mrs. Eyles said.

A camp coming to…

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