Caregivers SPEAK OUT! . . . . . Christina WIlliams

Surviving Traumatic Brain Injury

Caregivers SPEAK OUT! – Christina Williams


Donna O’Donnell Figurski

Christina WIlliams1. What is your name? (last name optional)

Christina Williams

2. Where do you live? (city and/or state and/or country) Email? (optional)

Pine, Colorado, USA

3. What is the TBI survivor’s relationship to you? How old was the survivor when he/she had the TBI? What caused your survivor’s TBI?

The TBI survivor was my fiancé. His TBI was caused by a motor vehicle accident. He was 37. I want to add that it was in 2008, so it happened more than six years ago.

4. On what date did you begin care for your TBI survivor? Were you the main caregiver? Are you now? How old were you when you began care?

I was at the scene of the accident. I was his main caregiver; I still am now. I began care as soon as I could. I was 47…

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