Chapter 10: TBI – Waiting with Uncertainty

Reinventing Ann


At the time Pat was transferred to Mayerthorpe, he was unable to sit up, had no core muscle strength, no short term memory, and remembered only bits and pieces from long ago.  He recognized us, but had basically little to no recollection of the previous 28 years we spent together, and making the connections from faces to things like wife, son, daughter were difficult. He could recall prayers and songs that he had known, so we tried to sing with him lots to get his memory working on something that was triggering it.

His right arm, broken in the accident, had remained stationary for the entire coma, so now had no muscle strength.  He continued to wear a neck brace while his fracture healed – it would be months before it was safe to remove it.  His legs were moving but he was often unable to distinguish between them enough…

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