Chapter 12: TBI – Baby Steps, One Day at a Time

Reinventing Ann

physio, April 10/13, getting Pat into a standing position physio, April 10/13, first time on the standing table

From my Journal, April 4, 2013:

Well it seems that the reason you were brought to the Glenrose was not because you are ready to be here but because the doctor here agreed to check you out for a while because the doctors in Mayerthorpe weren’t sure  how to go about getting you to Ponoka, and it sounds like an exception was made to see if they can get you to improve enough to benefit from rehab, so that in some round about way you might get to go to Ponoka eventually. But it’s also possible that you won’t.

I have the impression from discussion with the doctor here that he doesn’t have a lot of hope for your response to their program, and he is basically going to see what happens over the next two or three weeks and then…

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