Describing Mild TBI In One Sentence


“What’s it like?”

How do you answer that question on the sidewalk outside a storefront, in between errands? It’s not a one-sentence answer type of question. Just for kicks, I tried coming up with fun, non-intimidating ways to describe mild brain injury, from different views and at different stages of recovery.

It’s like a massive hangover every day without a remedy, but you never got the party the night before.

It’s like the input is working great, but the processor needs to be rewired.

It’s like you were forced to work a double shift right after watching a midnight premiere, and you only have access to decaf.

It’s like glitter, or herpes – once you get it, it affects everything and there’s no getting rid of it even if it appears to be gone.

It’s like the office staff in your brain got downsized, and the only secretary left in…

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