Dreaming on pills


The pill did not work. It was as if the PTSD laughed at me taking a little pill to battle it. As soon as I feel asleep I was in the presence of “him” and he was going to have sex with me. My stepfather appeared and just his arrival in the dream was enough to send “him” running. I woke up long enough to see the clock. 12:30AM

Back to sleep within seconds. Next dream. I am in a collapsing building with a lot of other people. Not only is the building falling apart and on fire but there is something outside and “it” is coming for me. Commence running and trying to escape. I wonder why I can’t blend in with the crowd. As in “why is it always coming for me?” This one went on for awhile.

Awake at 5AM. Heart pounding and I can hear it…

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