Fear and anxiety- mind says one thing, body says another

Where the gone things go

So there I was last weekend, attending a small, informal class and discussion group about a subject that really interests me. My mind was relatively calm, I was focused on what the teacher was saying but the moment I’d voice some of my own thoughts to the group my body would begin to panic. I felt the immediate shift- my heart would race, my face would feel flushed and the rush of adrenaline caused my body to feel simultaneously frozen in place and shaken to the core. Put simply my body was terrified even though I felt no such terror in my mind. This incongruity between body and mind has happened before and continues to leave me perplexed and, at times, frustrated. Although I know I’m not alone with such feelings, I’m wondering how many others have experienced this? Where the mind feels pretty calm but the body is reacting…

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