He’s in there somewhere


As I have said many times, my husband suffers from PTSD, TBI, depression, anxiety and a few other things he’s acquired from the 4 deployments to Iraq on the behalf of the Army.  Last night while I was laying in the bed thinking about how my life has changed over just the past 2 years I got to thinking about how much HIS life has changed.  I can’t imagine being this strong soldier who was a gym rat, and loved the military, loved life, and loved doing what he did.  Then in a flash you can no longer walk w/o assistance, you are scared of everything, you worry about everything, you can’t live life w/o aid.  You look in the mirror every day and realize that you will never again do a 42 mile ruck march for fun.  You will never lift weights that were over 250lbs again.  You will…

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