How to Teach Math to Children with Special Needs

Shari Duddy - How to Be A Teacher

Teach MathMillions of children have difficulty learning math. In fact, recent polls have shown that math is the number one answer children give when asked to name their least favorite subject. Math often starts out fun for kids, with parents and guardians teaching them about it through simple strategies that are often made into games. By asking, “How many pieces of candy do I have in my hand?” and other questions that allow kids to hold objects as they shift them from one hand to another, learning the basics of mathematics is made interesting and fun. Counting toys, pieces of candy, apples, and other objects they are pleased with helps children to learn math without it becoming drudgery. Unfortunately, when they get to school, the fun often ends. Now imagine how children who have special needs feel when they’re taught with the same methods and strategies that often bore and confound…

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