It doesn’t take a lot of light to wipe out darkness

Retrain My Brain

by Timothy Kendrick

I read this in a book and I believe it is powerful. Most ideas I have are from books or talking to (successful) people.

Creating our own opinions and deciding for ourselves what works in our lives and what does not.

Our conscious minds, if we allow can be bombarded with a ton of worthless garbage that does not enhance our personal, spiritual or professional states.
Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do”.

So if we continually watch, listen to, or participate in the daily dose of “BREAKING NEWS” that “sells”, this contaminates our minds.

There is nothing wrong about staying informed on what is going on in the world. Keep in mind that News is a business and it must sell. What sells? Tragedy baby!!!

Having breaking news about the miracle of the sun rising again today doesn’t cut it. It is taken for granted…

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