Let’s Talk About … Mental Discrimination?

You might be wondering what mental discrimination is. That is a valid question. It is a concept that I am working with, but the basic idea is that, it is discrimination of the mind, particularly of someone else’s mind; more specifically, it is being discriminated because of your mind.

It’s not something I talk about all of the time, as it has backfired on me multiple times, but I’m slowly coming back around to being open about my mental illness, schizoaffective disorder. It is a highly misunderstood disease, and unfortunately, it can lead to discrimination.

I don’t deny the discrimination that is done because of things like sexual orientation or race, and don’t deny that they have psychological effects. However, the kind of discrimination I want to talk about is much more psychological in nature, at least how I define it.

Why is it so psychological? Well, let me try…

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