Life with TBI : Lost and Confused

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In the days Before Injury (BI), my life was different. I completed a Masters in Social Work and and a full time career. I served both active duty and reserve in the military. I was medically retired after 17 years because of the injury. I organized complicated trainings and retreats. I ran marathons. I traveled alone and in groups. I was part of the Criticsl Incident Response Team to the 2009 shootings at Ft. Hood. In short, I managed stress, frustration, and change well.

This is life after injury. It is a direct quote from my Face Book status.

“I am totally losing it.

This is brain injury:

I had to go to my neurologist today in Kennewick. Normally, a friend drives me to and from. Today, she could get me to the appointment but not back. She had another requirement she needed to attend.

So, I’m alone in Kennewick…

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