Man with special needs attacked in Shippensburg over the Steelers


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SHIPPENSBURG, Pa. — Ralph Keeseman, known only as “Ralph” or “Ralphie,” is a well-known Shippensburg resident with special needs. He wears his Steelers gear everyday and walks up and down King Street, but friends say he’s often bullied by strangers on the street.

Ralph Keeseman Ralph Keeseman

Michael Collins of Guerilla Tattoo has known Ralph for 8 years; Ralph comes into the store every day, along with several other businesses he visits.

“He loves his team, he loves Elvis Presley, and you can’t say anything bad about either of them,” says Collins, who says Ralph is known for kind gestures.

Ralph hands out cards on holidays and waves at people in cars.

“People pick on him a lot, so I think sometimes he’s yelling because he’s mad, but I see him getting bullied a lot,” Collins says. “People just ride by and yell stuff about the Steelers and stuff…

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