There is a running theme over the years with PTSD.


It is a lonely feeling, like you are so different, all alone in the world.  There are so many things about PTSD that lead to isolation…then the more I feel misunderstood, the more I pull away, or want to just run away and escape (if only that was possible)

The strength of this feeling waxes and wanes.  I spent 4 months in residential treatment.  It was here that I was blessed to have a therapist with PTSD.  Finally someone who got it!  Someone who could give me a more realistic picture of reality with PTSD.  I also was supported by another staff member with PTSD. Upon leaving this place I returned home to a void, a vacuum…a place where there was no one who gets it. I struggled hard…I learned more about acceptance….more about using my skills,  It was…

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