Multiple Sclerosis – Multiple Scars


What’s wrong with this guy? Those were the words I heard sarcastically uttered behind me as I rose when my name was called to board my boat at the first Citrus Slam Bass tournament. It would have been my last if I hadn’t already paid for the first annual KIPVA Bass tournament the following week. I let a faceless jerk keep me from attending any further tournaments. You see, I have Multiple Sclerosis and by the grace of god and $30,000 worth of daily injections each year, I can still walk. I don’t have four wheels that can be worn as a badge denoting that I belong in the PVA. My badges are worn on the inside in the form of demyeli nation scars. I am sure many of my MS and ALS brethren can relate to that statement. What is MS anyway? Multiple Sclerosis is an Auto-Immune Disorder a spinal cord disease SCD, if you will. The body’s immune system attacks itself by destroying the…

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