My Turn To Vent

It's All About HOPE!!!

I’m having a rough evening, after trying to correct some children for some poor choices several stormed of angry….

So here I sit in tears again… Which children are disturbed by it? Or notice?

Isaac and Will….

Isaac says– momma are you ok?

I’m ok buddy.

Isaac: do i need a hug?

Me: do you mean does mom need a hug? Yes,yes I do bud….

Touched by the gift that HE is. They all are. Walk a day in my shoes and realize we are far from typical. This isn’t what we signed up for but I am not trying to complain! I love my blessings. I love my God who blessed Mark and me with these children- as they are.

I am reminded daily how much he loves me. I feel so inadequate to demonstrate His amazing love to my children.

I love deeply, I’m strong. I’m stubborn.


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