On Brain Injury and Invisible Illness

Lover Fighter Writer

My name is Alex and I have been living with a Traumatic Brain Injury for a little less than two years. This March being Brain Injury Awareness month inspired me to become more active regarding invisible illness on social media, and this led to a startling discovery. I was born with an invisible illness which by age twelve caused further invisible and difficult to treat disorders. Let me explain.

I am allergic to gluten and dairy but was not diagnosed until age 22. These undiscovered food sensitivities made me quite scrawny as a child and teenager. Despite this (and completely unaware of my dietary needs) I compensated with youthful energy and determination. Although I was generally smaller and weaker than other kids my age, I became a competitive endurance athlete through sports such as cross-country running and speed swimming. I also fell in love with martial arts at an early…

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