Preparing your ASD child for altar service, Part One: Safety

The Least of These

Preparing your ASD child for altar service

William loves church. He loves the vestments, he loves the beards, he loves the word “Prokeminon,” he loves Father Joel, and he loves that he knows what to expect every week. And I like to think he’s a pretty big fan of God’s.

Ergo, it’s been a natural thing to think that, someday, he might really love being an altar server. Of course, if it turns out he hates it, I’d never force it, but if it were successful, it would be so successful.

So. If this is our goal, and if it’s your goal, too…we’ve got some work to do.

I have (with the extremely helpful input of our priest) put together a list of skills needed for a child to have mastered in order to serve. We’ve identified five key skills needed, and I also worked with William’s program manager and BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) to determine a selection of strategies for teaching them.

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