PTSD associated with more severe psychiatric symptoms


Data from electronic medical records and PTSD screenings revealed that patients were less likely to get treatment and with probable PTSD reported more acute psychiatric symptoms, based on a study. PTSD screening is feasible and recommended in service environments and may contribute significantly to better understanding of racial-ethnic and other differences in service use and diagnostic practices, Shula K. Minsky, EdD, from the section of quality development at Rutgers Behavioral Health Care and the department of psychiatry at Rutgers University, and co-workers wrote. Researchers analyzed PTSD screening data and Behaviour and Symptom Identification Scale (BASIS-24 [41]) scores for 1,834 patients (1,048 girls, 786 guys) active at Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care between January 2007 and November 2010. The researchers also gathered data on services provided 1 year and 1 year before after PTSD screening. About half of patients (49%; 56% of whom were male) were understood as havi

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