The J.P. Story: Growing family

Navigating Life's Detours

Dad’s note: In honor of J.P.’s 12th birthday, I’m writing “The J.P. Story,” which looks back at our journey through birth and now approaching teen-hood. I hope you enjoy. The 10th chapter looks at how our extended family dealt with simultaneous pregnancies. To start at the beginning of the story, click here.

Shortly after we learned of our pregnancy and J.P.’s diagnosis, we got another surprise.

Paige’s sister was also pregnant.

It was an exciting time for both of them. There was the proverbial photo of both sisters with their baby bumps, and there was a surprise with both pregnancies.

Paige’s sister was pregnant with twins. While it was a double blessing, it was still a surprise and something that wasn’t in their financial plan.

The twin boys were both healthy and born six weeks after J.P. at Florida Hospital in Winter Park.

Family get-togethers forever changed after the births of the three boys…

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