The Teri Schaivo story

American Politics and Policy

By Joaquin Tenedora-Forte

When a person is in persistent vegetative state, the family had a right to pull the plug. Today in the blog we are reflecting on a case, the case the grip America’s minds to the issue that is death: the Teri Schaivo case

Teri Schaivo was living in Florida, she is living a normal happy life with his husband of four years Michael. She work as a insurance clerk. By 1990 she collapsed in her home and was in a persistent vegetative state since them. The doctors said that it is the end of the line for her. But here mother refuses to give up and fought for almost a decade. Michael in the other hand was fighting for the right to pull the plug on Teri, stating that she wasn’t getting better. In the end Michael won the case because she is Teri’s next of keen.

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