When will there be peace

The Life of a Phoenix

What happened today?

Apparently, my ex friend/co worker/ person I lived with believes i stole their family cat. Yes, you read that right, a living, breathing, butt licking meowing machine. Supposedly I stole this to hurt them the day I moved. According to her spouse who conveniently messaged me from Korea, I did this intentionally and my activities are suspicious.

Hmmm, his psycho wife kicked me out with 10 days notice and when I had help moving, stated that person was not allowed to be there and I had to move all my stuff alone. Let’s see, I’m not even supposed to do that with my head issues. And if their cat escaped when the door was open, I did not see this as I was too busy crying in pain as I was moving my crap.

Also anyone who knows me knows I would never hurt anyone, I would…

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