Why Childhod Trauma is our Number 1 Issue.

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In this election week, I hope the politicians are paying close attention. Many of the people I see in therapeutic settings are still experiencing the consequences of childhood trauma. So here are some interesting facts and possible sources of help in this regard.

This is no marginal issue as this sadly still relevant Guardian article from 2009 illustrates.  ‘Twenty-three percent of the adult prison population has spent time in care, although care leavers account for less than 1% of the total population; 30% of children in custody have been in care.’

And as this NSPCC report shows, one of the keys to successfully addressing the consequences of childhood abuse is the provision of permanent, stable and safe environments within which abused children can recover and thrive.

Another key factor is ongoing training and consultation with committed carers. ‘Foster carer training should also be complemented by ongoing ‘consultation’ in order…

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