Why Do They Wear A Veteran’s Ball Cap?

Military Outreach USA

indexHave you ever noticed the number of veterans who wear a ball cap indicating what war they were in? You see a lot of Vietnam Veteran hats.

Many wear the hat as a means of identifying themselves as someone who took the extra step to serve their nation. For others, they wear the hat so that people remember that there were some in this country who made a sacrifice so that others could be free. Still others wear it so another veteran will say, “Hey, when were you there?” They all know where “there” was.

It is never too late to say to a Vietnam Veterans “thank you”, but it is more important to say, even 50 years after the war began, “Welcome home”. That is why many wear the hat…to get their welcome home that has been missing for all these years.

“Welcome home” to a Vietnam Veteran are…

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