Why the NHS becoming more Parkinson’s friendly can deliver a better person-centred experience

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Guest blog by Laura Cockram, Policy and Campaigns Manager at Parkinson’s UK 

Laura Cockram March 2015127,000 people across the UK are living with Parkinson’s – a progressive, neurological condition with no cure. Around a third of people with Parkinson’s develop symptoms before 65, and one in 100 before 40.

Everyone with Parkinson’s is different but it usually affects movement with people experiencing rigidity, tremor, slowness of movement and sudden freezing. However people with the condition also experience as many as 40 non-movement related symptoms which can be just as debilitating, including anxiety, depression, fatigue, pain, continence issues, memory problems and sleep disturbance.

The NHS is a key election issue for every party in the race to No.10 and Parkinson’s UK urge the new government to follow these 4 steps to make the NHS more Parkinson’s friendly and deliver a better person-centred experience.

  1. 1. Person-centred care that’s co-ordinated: Every party talks about integrated…

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