Being Aware in Disability

Along Life's Path

Taking on an extra placement slot this semester has exposed me more to the world of adult disabilities. These are middle aged people from their 20s to 40s, who, if they had been in a body which functions according to social and cultural norms, would be holding jobs in society, earning a salary, contributing to the GDP of the country. As it is, the conditions they have make them unable to fit into society that way, and so they attend community/day programmes, with music therapy being one of the slotted activities. Among the goals for them are to encourage positive, appropriate social behavior like turn-taking, sharing, collaborating, to increase concentration and attention span, to hone decision-making skills, and to engage in self-expression with confidence.

What stuck me most about this particular group we worked with is the level of awareness some of them have. They are rehearsing an arrangement with…

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