Invisible Scars, Part 2 #HAWMC Day 13

The Caged Bird Still Sings

Day 13 prompt:
 Perfect Comeback: Tell us about a time when you felt marginalized or stigmatized by someone because of your health condition. Maybe at the time you didn’t speak up, or maybe you did – what did you say or what would you have said to take back control and let them know they were out of line?



It is hard to say what I would have done differently. I was 16 years old. What can a 16-year-old really do? When something bad is happening to you, you are taught to tell a teacher, a guidance counselor, your parents… basically an adult. But in my situation, it was the teachers, guidance counselors, and administration that were part of the problem, not just my peers. I actually think things would have been tolerable if it was just my peers who were the only ones doing the things…

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