PTSD and TBI Resources

Pets for Vets Chicagoland

Welcome back to the Pets for Vets Chicagoland blog!

We hope that this blog will serve as an additional resource to our veterans who have given so much. Though it is a heavy topic to discuss, veteran suicide is an exceptionally important issue to us. The month of March is both Brain Injury Awareness Month and Self Harm Awareness Month, two problems that often go hand-in-hand for our veterans. Many soldiers return from their service with physical scars; but it is those wounds that we don’t see that can be the most dangerous. Veteran suicide occurs at an alarming rate with “roughly 22 former servicemen and women committing suicide every day”. (Nicks, Denver. “Report: suicide Rate Soars Among Young Vets.” Time. Time, 10 Jan. 2014.) Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injuries and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder include headaches, trouble sleeping, anxiety, and depression. These symptoms are disruptive and can become dangerous…

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