PTSD & Paramedics – The Hardest Journey

Walking In My Shoes

The hardest journey being a paramedic who gets PTSD is the journey to “recovery”. In recovery therapists tell you that you will be “better” that you will get back out there and that you will resume your life – they often forget to tell you that your life is not going to look remotely the same as it did before and that you will never exactly feel like the same again. Those are harsh doses of reality, but they are stark truths in PTSD.

Therapists also don’t realize that ‘get back out there’ means something completely different to a paramedic. A paramedics entire sense of self and life existence is ‘out there’ and that means, On The Road or the Rig, or the Trucks or whatever you call it in your particular corner of the world. Our entire identity revolves around being ‘out there’ and wearing that uniform and holding…

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