The ups and downs and living a life with a concussion/tbi

The Life of a Phoenix

Hey there, kids. Sorry I ‘ve been slacking in writing you for a while. As always, there have been a million ups and downs. Times have been weary and pleasant.

My meds have been terrible even at the way higher dose. I haven’t been sleeping well or eating. Sometimes the depression has gotten the best of me. The job has been excellerating my anxiety through the roof rapidly which bothers me because for the most part I enjoy my job.

As I said however, it hasn’t been all bad. In fact things have for the most part have been going quite well. I’m learning to cope with the meds. I should have a meeting with my TBI team soon in which I have been doing tons of research on medical cases and other things. It’s great. I have been getting attached to my friend’s dog. We have been doing lots of…

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