Welcome to 5 more years of Conservative Dictatorship

Mixed Bag

Today on the bus, a man felt the need to passive aggressively interrogate my partner who is in a wheelchair. The fact that he felt so comfortable in his entitlement to do this enraged me to the point of tears. I wasn’t the only one appalled at his behaviour. Even his wife was furious at him and kept telling him to mind his own business.

Each time she told him to stop, he told her to “hold on a minute”. His arrogant manner in which he said this was repulsive. I felt helpless as I was sitting behind this couple. Eventually I got up and stood next to my partner.

His arrogance and entitlement quickly disappeared at my appearance. I tried to get him to look at me however he started to look panicked and refused to meet my gaze. Like all bullies, the minute he was confronted he stopped.

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