Writing As Therapy

Daring 2 Pursue

Where do I begin? For four years where to begin has escaped me.

So here it goes…

When a traumatic event happens to you how do you find the words to explain it? How do you communicate to your family, friends, and colleagues that who you were before is not who you are now? How do you answer a question that on the surface seems so simple?

What is it like?

Are you different now?

Two very simple questions. They’re only four words. Finding the answer shouldn’t be so difficult. Or atleast you would think so.

Truth. I have been struggling to find the answer to those questions since 2010. Four years have gone by since my life changed forever. I survived a traumatic brain injury and a divorce in the same year. I survived falling off my horse, waking up in a hospital with no idea what year it…

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